So wtf happened with DaDanius



Well, essentially – nothing deadly. I took a decision to consolidate all my work and platforms under one, true domain – Since I was running few places, that featured tac, design, architecture related work, it was getting very hard to look after these each of them alone.

So I took the difficult decision to kill every other domain and move all my work here. Google did not show much love after I did this, nor did Pinterest (where lots of my work is pined). Btw, I am sorry too. Oh well, some times you have to start everything from the beginning. And it is much easier to do it right when you start it fresh. Now I will have more time to actual work, not to look after my multiple domains.

Here you will find my work portfolio and shop, where in time, I’ll move all my stuff from other selling platforms. Btw, couple of FB pages sill up and going strong.

This is my new home. I really hope you’ll like it, and really hope you will help me get back on business by sharing, commenting and supporting my work. Damn… when I start to think about how many incoming links I’ve killed by moving my work here… I want to rage quit.

Thank you,

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