Wooden bench


My the very first piece of furniture, designed in 2010. With this project I have discovered other creative directions. I can not remember why I decided to create this bench / cannabis. I remember only so much that at that time we had a smoked roe leg in our kitchen, which forms a parallel, and you can see it in the legs of this cannabis.

Typically it takes time for idea to mature in my head. But in this case the idea and the fulfillment took a very short time.


This wooden bench harbors several functions. They are all extremely similar, but perfectly fits this furniture. Since I still have a vinyl record player and there is a great need of good palce to store recors, this bench has a designed special drawer for that.

Also, good, valuable magazines never finds a good place at home, and so they could comfortably be stored in these drawers. Of course, bench is not that comfortable for long reads, as sofa is, but yet, bench will always find a place at home where sofa cant.


The wood, of course the wood. Solid wood. The wood has become not very popular among furniture manufacturers. It is always easier to choose the panels and to focus on the kitchen furniture, or 75 units of identical stools. So far I know only one cabinetmaker, who is not afraid of this challenge.

A little metal plates, glued panels in the internal structure. Maybe a little metal to reinforce the legs. Varnish, or wax.

I’d prefer the oak and the ash. Since sedentary furniture should be heavy, so that you would feel safe.