Transformable bedroom

So, my friend, do you need furniture, you have a temporary flat, or you are a student, or money is something that does not like you at this time period?

Yes, then this transformable furniture is what you need!

So you go to NOMONIKEA and get this box. It is not that heavy, since it is made of plywood. It is even possible that you, with the help of you friend, will be able to take it home by public transport.

In the middle of this a piece of furniture you can see a shelf for your personal stuff. There is even a section to clamp your new light (that you have to buy separately).

After unlocking few loks and twisting couple nods, this box transforms to this. Here you can see cupboard section. There is a hanger for you cloathing and stand for shoes.

Few crates under your bed will fit your books, canned food or whatever. And so, welcome to your new bedroom with minimal what you need to start living – place to crash and hang your armor.