THUNDER ARMORY is the name and the sign for a very unique product in Lithuania – custom AR15 based carbines for civil use. I am grateful to the client, for giving me the creative freedom – I was able to offer the brand, and its name.
First ideas for a band were fruitless until I have found the old songs of  freedom fighters (or partisans). This has become the great starting point for the brand name and graphical expression.

While looking for a more modern and more minimalist compositions, the client and I returned to the archaic image of this brand. It is possible to see the idea, formulated by the developer – “Resuscitation of Lithuanian gunsmith dratidions…”

The logo depicts our pagan Thunder God with a crown, lightnings in his eyes, circled with halo – like the sun, like the moon, or with celestial body in the background. The client saw efferent thunder sound transmission in this circular form of the logo. The tapering dawn outline of the face screams –  I’m at the top of the sky and only after me is you. Scorching or meek look, long beard and hair (or steel ring armor) falling on his shoulders – like the image of the most powerful nations God created in soldier’s mind.
In order to transfer an archaic origin of the brand, I did not shunned of random shape and composition, which is very common in Lithuanian folk art, particularly in wood carving. There figures are not always proportionate, it is hyperbolic, and static, and the symbolism was not ambivalence. This is the aspiration for freedom to the viewer’s interpretation – everyone will see their own strength and power symbol in this brand.

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