• Stairs can be different

    Stairs can be different. Continue Reading
  • Thunder Armory brand

    THUNDER ARMORY is the name and the sign for a very unique product in Lithuania – custom AR15 based carbines for civil use. I am grateful to the client, for giving me the creative freedom – I was able to offer the brand, and its name. First ideas for a band were fruitless until I have [...] Continue Reading
  • Transformable bedroom

    So, my friend, do you need furniture, you have a temporary flat, or you are a student, or money is something that does not like you at this time period? Yes, then this transformable furniture is what you need! So you go to NOMONIKEA and get this box. It is not that heavy, since it is made [...] Continue Reading
  • Ashwood table

    This ashwood table is one of the first projects I did. And, actually, one of the first projects that was produced. It took me very long to find a reliable manufacturer. But, with the help of Medsiede, now this table is available on my store. Ah! THE LEGS... Ah, the legs! I can't believe Medsiede had patience to finish [...] Continue Reading
  • Lithuanian wooden chair

    Lithuanian wooden chair To make this Lithuanian wooden chair I was inspired by my father. In the beginning of his architect career, he had lots of interior projects. The most common was - cafe. In those days it was hard to get hand on beautiful furniture. So he often had to design one. And ofthe it [...] Continue Reading
  • Minimalist plywood chair

    PLYWOOD Plywood in furniture is normally used where you cant see it - for inner structure. It's a great material, but it is rarely being used as a primary material.  This plywood chair concept demonstrates the wider opportunities for the use of plywood. KONSTRUCTION We used to make snowboards when I was a kid. We would [...] Continue Reading
  • Wooden bench

    THE BEGINNING My the very first piece of furniture, designed in 2010. With this project I have discovered other creative directions. I can not remember why I decided to create this bench / cannabis. I remember only so much that at that time we had a smoked roe leg in our kitchen, which forms a parallel, and you [...] Continue Reading
  • 2DOTS logo

    Once, when I was not DANIUS, I was interviewed by this young magazine / blog - 2DOTS. I thought I will show off and I proposed them new logo, as the one they were using wasn't that interesting. They said yes. I am like WOT!? So yes, now you can read this magazine with my [...] Continue Reading
  • Lovers bench

    Lovers bench Take your lover to the park. Stay till late. Twist the handle. Stay till morning. Close Ups Continue Reading