Seagull convertible house

The Conversion

Seagull convertible house has two states – open and closed. Living possible only in open state. Then there is more inside space available and household appliances are available.
To deploy the house only mans muscle power is needed.


The skeleton of the building is made of an aluminum frame and wood panels. For internal finishes plastic and wood is being used. Steel frame floor gives it stability and reliability during transportation.

The roof structure additional windows – skylights. Both ends of the building has designed high glass showcases.

Aluminum frame on the wall – “skeleton” is visible in the visualization. Household appliances, cabinets and beds are attached to this frame. So it is steady and safe while house is being transported.

Floors are formed in two levels. Double level floor structure gives necessary space for the longitudinal structure. Also, this space under the floor is used for energy sources, fuel storage and to collect the waist.