Ashwood table

This ashwood table is one of the first projects I did. And, actually, one of the first projects that was produced. It took me very long to find a reliable manufacturer. But, with the help of Medsiede, now this table is available on my store.

Ashwood Table 4
Ashwood Table 11
Ashwood Table 2


Ah, the legs! I can’t believe Medsiede had patience to finish it. Even then, when I started to doubt the technical possibilities to make these legs, Medsiede did not give up. Since we all knew, that these legs and how they look is very important to this table.


I had the idea to design this modern ashwood table, that really has something folkish in it. Yet, in the process, I thing I’ve have found something more, especially with these legs. It does look something animalistic, lets put it that way.

Ashwood table