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  • I am from the future

        Hi, I love grass and concrete. And one of my concepts Power Switch Light is featured in an article about inovative lightning. Inovative – I made this 6 or 7 years ago – I came from the future. You can find this project here: Power Switch Light

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  • I am on Dribbble

    This was my Dribbble invite entry shot and this is my first shot.

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  • First time WACOM

    This was my very first time with WACOM some time ago. Coming from traditional media, I thought I can apply the same painting principles to digital environments as well. I wasn’t that wrong, yet, digital environment is quite alien. It did not went sideways too much. You can see the character and it has some […]

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  • Nida Airfield

    Like every year, I was visting The Curonian Spit for my vacation. That is my number one destination for vacation. Not realy far to drive, and you don’t need to take a flight, what I can not stand. And this year first time, after spending there every summer vacation since I was born, we took a trip to Nida’s Airfield.

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  • Gluten free t-shirts

    On @_Daniaus Twitter I shared Weapon Mandala T-shirt photo.
    I dont think there is gluten free t-shirts with weapon parts for graphics.

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  • So wtf happened with DaDanius

    …and Well, essentially – nothing deadly. I took a decision to consolidate all my work and platforms under one, true domain – Since I was running few places, that featured tac, design, architecture related work, it was getting very hard to look after these each of them alone. So I took the difficult […]

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